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Four Seas College of the Bible and Missions is happy to announce that brother Peter Chin is to become a full time Instructor and Dean of Academics this coming June. 

The Chin family is highly respected by faithful Christians throughout the Far East and United States.  Peter and his family are from Klang, Malaysia where Peter worked with the Klang Church of Christ for a number of years. Sister Pooi Fun also assisted greatly in the work in Klang, especially in the area of Bible Correspondence Courses. Peter, Andy and Willy are also talented song leaders. Brother Peter is a gifted Gospel Preacher and Bible class teacher.  Brother Chin will be welcomed by the other fine full time faculty members of Four Seas including, David Chew, Eddy Ee, etc, as well as, other part time faculty who teach special classes upon request.

I first met brother Peter back in 2002 at the Asian Bible Lecture that was being hosted by the brethren in Chiang Mai, Thailand (although, I previously had known of his good work).  Brother Peter had worked in Klang with the Malaysia School of Preaching, in Klang, Malaysia, himself having graduated from this School.

Being Chairman of the Board of Four Seas College, I try to think of ways we can better Four Seas Bible College and make sure that it remains the Biblically sound College that it has been down through the years since 1965.  One major factor in having a Biblically sound school is for the faculty to be sound, dedicated Christians.  The brethren who have been teaching in Four Seas are known for their soundness in doctrine.  I knew brother Chin would be a help in the work done by Four Seas. Brother Peter Chin, although already teaching and preaching the Word of God, knew he needed additional training if he were going to teach at Four Seas Bible College.  Consequently, prayers went up to the Father and plans went forward for the purpose of him and his family to come to Memphis School of Preaching. Brother Peter did an excellent job as a student at MSOP. He graduated with honors.  He is well respected by fellow students and faculty of MSOP.

The Chinís oldest son, Andy has graduated from Southwest College and is currently enrolled in the University of Memphis.  Their youngest son, Willy, is scheduled to graduate from High School this May.  Upon Willyís graduation, Lord willing, Peter, Pooi Fun and Willy will move to Singapore where Peter will assume full time work with Four Seas Bible College.

Since brother Chin is from that part of the world (in fact, Singapore was once a part of Malaysia), it is hoped that his presence will encourage more Singaporeans and Malaysians, as well as many from all other parts of the Far East, to attend Four Seas College of the Bible and Missions.

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